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  • Eye catching pods of sugars - not always a good thing

    Blog Series – Diet is the Key

    As they say “you are what you eat”. In the mouth, you can also say “you reap what you sow”. The food we eat affects the amount and type of bacteria. Your diet al ...
  • Left: tooth brush angled almost upright with bristle tips into the gum line; Right: tooth brush wiping firmly away from gum line

    Diet is the key – the good and the clean

    So here is the recipe for making the teeth, gums, patient and the dentist happy for life! Avoid regular eating of sugars, especially sticky varieties. To recognize a suga ...

  • Diet is the key – the bad and the ugly

    We are what we eat! This can also relate to our mouths. To start decay you need the right (really the wrong) sort of food, certain types of bacteria, and a susceptible to ...
  • Milk, Eggs, Nuts - Thumbs up

    Hypoglycemia and diet and the mouth

    There is no medical cure for the condition. However to control it and prevent type 2 diabetes it’s important to follow a hypoglycemic diet. Diet guidelines Eat a large ...
  • Fissured rough tongue - dry mouth

    Blog Series – Dry Mouth

    I have seen many patients come in with signs of dry mouth such as stringy, frothy saliva or a fissured tongue, but they do not think it affects their daily function as t ...
  • OPG showing developing teeth in the jaw bones.

    First of the Blog Series – Why and how often do we take X-rays, OPG and bitewings

    The use of x-rays as an aid in diagnosis had been used for nearly 120 years. Its imagery now comes in film and digital format. The digital format is now preferred as it ...