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  • Tooth eruption charts

    Dr Kim Nguyen on Losing Baby Teeth

    Baby teeth, which are called deciduous teeth, start to be lost when there is an adult tooth, called the permanent teeth, coming through to take its place. They are lost i ...
  • One type of common antibiotic

    Dr Kim Nguyen on Antibiotics – Part 2

    Antibiotics in dentistry So when are antibiotics used for oral conditions? There are two main ways dentists can use antibiotics: Prophylactic Treatment In considering whe ...
  • Pus draining through a root canal

    Dr Kim Nguyen on Antibiotics – Part 1

    Common Infections in dentistry Like the rest of the body, the mouth and teeth can be susceptible to infections; in fact the mouth has more than 700 species of bacteria, h ...
  • Green rubber dam with metal clamp on tooth & root canal openings prepared

    Dr Kim Nguyen and Root Canal Steps

    Root canals – the start After numbing you up for a root canal procedure, the first step the dentist takes is to isolate around the tooth to be treated. To do this w ...
  • Dr Kim Nguyen

    Dr Kim Nguyen on Complications associated with Root Canal

    Root canals can be very technically complex and like any medical or dental procedure it involves certain risks and complications which we like to let our patients know a ...
  • The world is your-oyster. View from the top of Queenstown in winter

    Kim – Dentist at large

    Behind the sterile looking mask and squeaky gloves, dentists are people too. Have you ever wondered what kind of a person they might be? We’re not all scary and w ...