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  • Sue at the reception desk

    A day in the life of a dental nurse – Sue Kalleres

    Our day starts by turning all the equipment on and making sure we are ready to “rock n roll” for the day ahead. Messages need to be attended to, as we have a paging s ...

  • Meet the team – Sue Kalleres

    Hi, my name is Sue. I started working for Dr Seymour 13 years ago after being a stay at home mum for 13 years. It has been a blast of a time. I always wanted to work as a ...
  • Sue is happy to be your dental nurse

    Why Sue Likes Being a Dental Nurse

    This is my 18th or 19th year, but who’s counting? There are so many reasons why I have stayed and worked as a dental nurse, so I will share a few. I started working ...
  • Dr Seymour explaining to Sue

    Sue reminiscing – Part 2

    He has been a mentor not only to me but also to the dental students that we have had working for us while they are studying to become dentists themselves one day. It is ...
  • Sue reminicising

    Sue reminiscing – Part 1

    Hi fellow blog followers, It’s Sue reminiscing on how I started working for Seymour Dental, now 15 years later. I have always wanted to be a dental nurse from the tim ...
  • Fresh mint "Shrek "spray in cup

    Sue on hygiene and infection control

    Hello again, it’s Sue. Hygiene and infection control is our number one priority at Seymour Dental. After the patient is escorted to the dental chair they are asked ...