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  • Mouth breathing

    Mouth Breathing

    As the name suggests, breathing though the mouth only, is not always the best way to breathe. Nasal breathing allows the air to be filtered through the nasal and various ...
  • Simple Passover Easter Communion

    Celebrating Easter

    The Passover meal was the final meal of Jesus, with all his disciples, before the day of him being put on the Cross. It was celebrated in a small upstairs room. The bread ...
  • Halloween Treat - too much sugar - decay and diabetes - yum

    Happy New Year – Highlights of 2017 – Part 4

    October Tooth sensitivity, a common complaint of patients, starts off the month, and tooth erosion another common problem, are both explained by Dr Kim Nguyen. Team Miro ...
  • Person to person still works - CALL US!

    Happy New Year – Highlights of 2017 – Part 3

    July Half way through the year! We continued with Dr Kim Nguyen on antibiotics and on losing baby teeth. Dr Mary Hatem broached the subject of fungal infections. The imp ...
  • Ready for a check up - Son Seymour

    Happy New Year – Highlights of 2017 – Part 2

    April We return to our dentist at large in New Zealand in part 3 of the shaky isles. We also expanded some explanation of various Root Canal treatments such as an incompl ...
  • Sweets are everywhere!

    Happy New Year – Highlights of 2017 – Part 1

    Another year has passed and we want to wish all our patients the very best of oral health for life. There is more to the mouth than teeth, there is the person… yes we n ...