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Miroma and Inala Art Exhibition 2019

September 23, 2019

Miroma had its annual Art expose of its wonderful adults with artistic abilities. This year’s title Through Line, was inspired by one of the paintings by the artist Richard, who happens to be my brother-in-law. The exhibition showcases many different styles from Miroma’s artistic community.

Miroma Art Exhibit - Throughline by Richard

Richard throws all his passion and emotion into his works. He uses diverse materials and colour combinations and imparts vibrancy and dynamism. This shows the importance of individual expression as a means of connection to our community.

Miroma Art Exhibit - Blue and Yellow Study by Richard

This why we run and raise money for Miroma.

If you or family or friends would like to sponsor us all, that would be amazing. Donations can also be sent to the Miroma by logging on to the website at

Established in 1958, Inala has a proud history of supporting individuals living with disability to reach their full potential through flexible accommodation, day services and community support.

Miroma offers the opportunity to explore different aspects of personal development, artistic skills, independence and pre-vocational skills within the community.

Inala poster
Miroma Art Exhibit 2019

We have been raising money these adults, with disabilities for many years. By reading this you have raised awareness. Please share this and thank you for following James’ journey.

Miroma Art Exhibit - Flag by Richard

Miroma has clients for life & each has their own unique challenges and abilities!

Team Miroma

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