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New OPG X-ray Machine – So What’s New?

June 29, 2020

After many years of faithful service and unavoidable technology upgrades, our digital OPG machine had to be replaced. It was running on a Windows XP computer and with computers now on Windows 10, unfortunately both the computer and the OPG needed to be replaced. The NewTom Go 2D OPG has been installed and the computer replaced. 

I guess the OPG will always be new given its name! …. (Sorry, dad joke)

Anyway, the New Tom has a patient health feature; let’s go to the brochure….

With ECO Dose (2D ECO Pan, 3D ECO Scan protocols) and SafeBeam™, the Newtom GO automatically regulates the exposure during each scan to produce exceptional images every times while safeguarding patient health.”

So this is what’s really new. The machine will to scan the bone density of the patient and adjust the dose of the radiation to suit the image needed. 

NewTom Go2D OPG

Effectively it automatically customises each image for each patient! Amazing! This reduces the radiation dose and provides a detailed image depending on the patient’s anatomy.

New Tom OPG image

NewTom GO ensures fast, simple, compete 2D diagnostics. Up to 22 programs allow the 2D examination to be set up according to the specific stage and requirements of treatment.”

This is also pretty cool. The area of the OPG or (Panoramic X-ray image) can be adjusted. This means images for children and smaller framed adults can be reduced in size and therefore the amount of radiation need lessened. Being digital radiography, the radiation is already very low compared to film, but this drops it down more.

Also images the sinuses and the jaw joint can be taken as well.

New TOM Go OPG menu

In addition, the MultiPAN function allows selection of different focal planes, ensuring images are perfectly suited to diagnostic needs.”

This means multiple views and be taken at the same time. This is helpful when the patient has an upper jaw and front teeth that are more forward than normal. The machine can take multiple “slices” of the front teeth area so it will pick up these teeth and jaw which would not be imaged properly in a normal OPG view. Multiple views can be taken of the jaw joint and sinuses as well.

There is a lot to learn about this new piece of technology!

OPG multiple slices images

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