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Merry Christmas from Seymour Dental 2020 – Year of Living Differently

December 21, 2020

Just when it was almost safe to go out, Sydney is now the hotspot of Australia. This is not because of the night clubs, entertainment, concerts or the wonderful harbour. No, Covid 19, from an overseas traveller or flight crew in supposed quarantine, spreading Christmas “cheer” (not), to all… whether you like it or not.

We managed to have our Christmas Dinner before more Covid restrictions came into place in hotspot Sydney.

Seymour Dental Christmas Do 2020

Covid has changed life as we know for now! Covid 19 has changed the way Seymour Dental runs the practice and treats people. Covid has changed the way we live our lives and shared experiences.

Even the buffet at the hotel was a Covid changing experience. You do not serve yourself, but you point to or ask for the food you want. The chef or waiter, with a mask and black gloves, plate the food from behind a Perspex shield and then pass it over to you. No menus for drinks, but a QR code enabled menu on your smart phone.

Christmas Buffet Covid 19 style

Universities and teaching institutions had to change, and even taking a gap year had to change, as the children of Seymour Dental found out. No travel and Zoom is in. I sincerely wish everyone the best for the future in a challenging world. It’s not easy for these young adults at the best of times!

I want to thank my wonderful staff – without their support I would not be able to keep up with the pace of change in the Covid setting and the standards that our patients expect. More importantly, they bring a warm and caring and fun side to an otherwise “challenging” situation.

These lovely nurses have been with Seymour Dental for many years and I am truly blessed. Thank you SueReneeRoniMaggy, for all that you have done over the many years. Also thanks to Yvette our casual, back up nurse when we needed her help.

Also thank you to our valuable casual dental students, Saba and Gillian. We wish all the very best to Dr Saba as she just graduated and will be practising dentistry in Queensland. She just got in before the borders closed again!

I would like to also thank the dentists who have been very professional and also very understanding. I am very fortunate to have Dr Mary Hatem continue to provide excellent treatment and wonderful patient care and she is a great friend too.

Also thanks to Dr Sherwin Li who puts his patient at ease with a cheerful personality and a professional manner.

Thank you to the dental labs that provide quality work and have gone far beyond giving great service for our patients, Flex Dental (Sam) and Brad McCann. The place would not keep running without the maintenance carried out with great service by Tristan Dental and HTC.

Many thanks go to Nina for cleaning the practice after hours.

Computers are integral to the function of the practice and Mark, my brother, has been there to help. Teamwork Solutions have also helped out when needed.

Aisha, our media expert, has been amazing with Facebook, Social and Digital Media part of the practice.

Volt Creative needs to be thanked for the maintaining the website and for making these blogs look so good!

Thank you for all who donated to Team Miroma this year! Team Miroma made it this year in Covid 19 style, the 10km Bridge Run event virtually. A huge thank you goes to Aisha ImranSeymour Dental social media manager, who at the same time began her run in a park run in Melbourne with a friend.

Robbie, my son, also joined Team Miroma to help the old man during the run in Sydney. We did a FaceTime check in with Aisha, and we then took off on the run together.

I hope the raised awareness will help so many people and to make their future a lot brighter, which we also hope for my son, James.

I would not be able to achieve anything without my tirelessly supportive wife Eva, who has done so much for the family over many years. James is the wonderful young man he is because of her efforts.

We are genuinely interested in people. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s always unique. Sometimes it’s sad, funny, amazing, and unbelievable but we are all in this life together.

Please have a very Merry and safe Christmas, as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

See you in 2021. Hopefully back to the old normal.

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