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Happy New Year – Hurry Up and Bring On 2021 – Covid Free!

December 28, 2020

2020 vision would not have seen this year coming! 

We are always grateful to all our wonderful patients, especially those that don’t really want to come in. Remember, the worst patient is the one that is not here. 

So, patients, you are all brave!

I have wonderful staff who are very supportive of the patients, are great assistants and amazing behind the scenes. 

I am always grateful to our dentists in the practice, without which, yours truly would not have any relief, and are great to be with.

Fireworks above the Bridge, Covid 19 style, via the TV

Also to the wonderful dental students who I enjoy mentoring and we learn a lot from each other. Saba graduated this year and they have let her loose on the general public. All the very best for your new life in Queensland!

Congratulations Saba - all the very best for the future

What is there to look forward to next year?

The obvious – a Covid-free world – going to movies, theatres, circuses, parties, bars, clubs, sporting and music venues, travel domestic and overseas and being bubble, sanitised, and mask free.

And of course, also seeing the fireworks, in real life.

Fireworks on the Harbour on a Grand Scale in the pre-Covid world

What did we achieve last year?

  • The NBN was connected at Seymour Dental – a lot of fun???!!!
  • Windows 10 upgrade of half the computers
  • New OPG machine

There is always more to do!

I am sure there will be fireworks for us all in 2021!

Happy New Year Everyone! Bring on 2021.

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