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Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice 2021 – Anaphylaxis – Part 1 – Oxygen

February 22, 2021

Allergies to substances can result initially in a rash. This is an inflammatory response by the body to the substance which the body now recognises it as an irritant.

The most common medications for this are all types of Penicillins, including Amoxycillin, which if you are allergic to one type, you are allergic to all types. Aspirin is another that is prone to an allergic reaction, especially in asthmatics.

The problem is the very next time you are exposed to the substance; you will get an anaphylactic shock to the entire body. The inflammation is wide spread, causing swellings throughout the body, such as the tongue. The bronchial air tubes into the lungs, start to spasm and close up, creating extreme breathing difficulties.

What’s Next?


Use nasal prongs for 2-4 Litres/min.

Albo on oxygen with nasal prongs with a finger pulse oximeter

Use a mask for 6 to 8 Litres/min for lower levels of oxygen saturation.

Albo on oxygen with full mask and a finger pulse oximeter

Record SpO2, conscious state, skin colour pulse and respirations.

Anaphylaxis treatment flow chart

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