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What our patients do – Luke the Writer

March 8, 2021

One of our patients changed from a career in IT Research and Development in 2014, to writing science fiction / fantasy novels, self-publishing the first one (Wild Thing) in 2015, under the name L. J. Kendall.

Luke is now publishing his latest, his fifth book (first book in the Leeth
Ascending series), Lost Girl:

Lost Girl book cover by L. J. Kendall

“A strange young woman is found in the chill waters of New Francisco Bay at 2am, exhausted. Whoever erased her memory wants her back: dead or alive.

But the return of magic, back in 2036, made the world more perilous, not less. And a fresh peril has just emerged, from New Francisco Bay”.

The main character is Leeth.

The very determined Leeth

Luke’s books have impressed readers, but they’re not to everyone’s taste, covering some dark ground — though always with a strong message of hope, and lightened with moments of humour.  They’re not your run of the mill sci-fi.

Each book is a lot of work: this one was about 3,000 hours.

His website: A Toe In The Ocean Of Books

I saw Luke at the book launch of his second book Harsh Lessons.

Harsh Lessons

The book launch took place at Gleebooks in Glebe. There also is a Gleebooks at Dulwich Hill.

Luke at his book launch of his second book at Gleebooks at Glebe

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