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Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 3 – 7-11 years old

March 15, 2021

This stage is also called the mixed dentition stage. Baby teeth and adult teeth are combined to form a stable bite until the next stage of adult teeth start to come through. This lasts about 3 years.

This stage has three baby teeth for each quadrant of the bite, i.e. a baby tooth canine and two baby teeth molars. The rest are permanent teeth: central and lateral incisors and the six year old molars. 

The permanent teeth start forming under the baby canine and the two baby molars as well as the 12 year old (or second molar) in the bone.

Permanent teeth forming under the baby canine and two baby molars

The main areas to watch are:

Eye catching pods of sugars - not always a good thing
Large decay in tooth causing now a weakened tooth forever
Left: tooth brush angled almost upright with bristle tips into the gum line; Right: tooth brush wiping firmly away from gum line
Top right: Crossbite; Top left: Normal bite; Bottom right: lower teeth crowding; Bottom left: narrow & high palate
Fixed palatal arch appliance to correct a crossbite
  • Snoring can cause problems in development too.
  • Sometimes there are no permanent teeth under the baby tooth and this is called congenitally absent (missing) teeth.
Congenitally absent or missing 2nd premolar under the baby tooth

This is just to name a few things that need to be checked in the growing child.
Then the baby teeth start to be lost about 9 years to 12 years.

Primary teeth eruption chart

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