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What our patients do – JAVIER the Artist

March 29, 2021

JAVIER BAEZ BONORAT (BAEZ BONORAT by artistic pseudonym) is a Sydney based Mexican born artist whose art practice spans over twenty years. BAEZ BONORAT studied the Painting and Drawing Ateliers for two years at the prestigious National School of Fine Arts a.k.a. ‘La Esmeralda’ in Mexico City. 

Javier and his work Split Memory

Here are some of his artworks:

Split Memory
Red towards the horizon
Red towards the horizon - artist note

Explanation of the work

Texture along with form & colour are the three important elements in most of my paintings. I paint abstract as it is the perfect genre that allows the viewer to form his/her own interpretation(s) of what it is being depicted on the canvas.

What makes my work unique?

I don’t necessarily aim for uniqueness in my work but rather integrity. That is, each and every one of my paintings is an honest & passionate effort to achieve the eternal challenge that is painting to the best of my ability. It’s in this way that each painting improves on the previous one.



Instagram: baez.bonorat

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