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The Sydney Harbour Bridge Virtual Charity Run 2021 – Team Miroma – for Adults with Challenges and Abilities

October 6, 2021

Team Miroma will be running The Sydney Harbour Bridge Run on Sunday the 17th October 21. It will again be an early start, but again Covid 19 style! The 10km event is going virtual again.

Joining us this year will Gillian, who is a dental student/nurse at the practice. We will run from where we are allowed to in Sydney, depending on our LGA status, either together or apart. Thanks Covid!  

Aisha Imran, Seymour Dental social media manager, at the same time, will also run in Melbourne, (hopefully depending on Covid!). She handles Seymour Dental’s presence in the virtual space. Aisha worked as a Social Media Manager at Sensis, managing up to 20 clients’ accounts across all social platforms at any one time. She helped Seymour Dental and she can help you too. (

This will be our 13th amazing year for Team Miroma. We are again raising funds for Inala.  James, my son, is now 24 years old. Hard to believe! He has autism and is non-verbal, and a young adult who wants to experience life! He loves music, concerts/gigs, the outdoors, the beach, and having a laugh. Sometimes he has difficulties which are not clearly understood by anyone. 

James a young man enjoying life in the community

These young adults are often overlooked. They still have the potential to learn and contribute to society. We want to also raise funds to maximize their potential. Miroma is a branch of Inala. Established in 1958, Inala has a proud history of supporting individuals living with disability to reach their full potential through flexible accommodation, day services and community support. Miroma offers an innovative “integrated options” model of service delivery. Miroma’s three coordinated centres provide the opportunity to explore different aspects of personal development, artistic skills, independence and pre-vocational skills at each centre and within the community.

We want to raise awareness of these young adults with a disability.

We have been raising money for children, and now adults, with disabilities for some 13 years. If you or family or friends would like to sponsor us all, that would be great.

Donations can be sent to the Miroma by logging on to the website at:

Please leave in comments – Team Miroma

Or come into the surgery and make a donation. You can also do an electronic transfer into:
BSB: 062-161
Acc no: 1003 6226.
Please tag the deposit with your name.

Email the surgery on  with your details.

Team Miroma Harbour Bridge Virtual Run 2020 - Aisha in Melbourne; Robbie, Adam, Anthony in Sydney

Check out the Team Miroma blogs for past runs and future updates.

We are grateful for the support from our family and friends. Even listening to our concerns means we are not alone. We know that there are people who care and want to make changes for the better. We really appreciate all the people and carers who have helped us in the life of James. They are precious and amazing!

Again thanks for your support. We really appreciate it!

– Seymour Dental & Team Miroma