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The Vaccine and Dentistry. All good!

November 8, 2021

Now that Freedom Day for Dentistry is here, we are now able to treat everyone for all types of Dentistry. Sorry we are a bit late with the reminders as we had to hold back three months’ worth due to restrictions on non-essential treatment.

Family dentistry

It’s been great to catch up with people that are not all in crisis, in other words “boring is good”! However, people say I have no pain so I must be good… maybe, however, pain is too late. It’s surprising, or not really surprising, how many problems have been detected with long overdue xrays and just by the naked eye, that people were not aware. Sometimes they noticed something but got used to it, thinking it was normal.

So it begs the question, what is essential?

Without a shadow of a doubt: regular examinations, and continuous maintenance.

Think about diet, time to see dentist, clean teeth

Prevention is better than cure! Our mission –

At Seymour Dental, we are dedicated to providing personal care to assist you in achieving excellent health outcomes for life!

Are we back to normal… almost… the Covid normal.

If you have Covid, you will need to be treated in a special facility. We still need to wear masks in the waiting room and there is still the need to sanitise your hands. Social distancing is relevant in the waiting room as well. However, your vaccination status is not relevant in treating you. We will still ask Covid screening questions as we will learn to live with Covid. We assume you have every disease under the sun!

Infection control is always paramount in our service to you.

We are happy to see you and make sure you are all OK!

Happy to see you and make sure you are all OK

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