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The Conversation – Part 3 – Dental History

December 13, 2021

Yes this is the dental (not mental), conversation. 

So what interesting stories will be found to further make you feel like less of a stranger to us. Well, potentially, many.

Dental history conversation before we check the mouth

Treatment difficulties

  • Gagger – forewarned is forearmed. We can work around this.
  • Blocked nose, mouth breather or breathing or swallowing problems. We can also provide solutions for this.
  • Strong jaw muscles or difficulty in opening mouth props help.
  • Nervous – who isn’t… we are here to help with our wonderful team. In extreme situations, sedation may be an answer.
Medication for sedation placed into the vein. Pulsimeter clipped on the thumb to monitor the pulse.

Past extractions or surgery?

Did you heal OK? Was there a lot of bleeding? Reason for extractions?

This can indicate immune system problems.

May be an undiagnosed diabetic, especially with a family history. Low Iron or Vitamin B12 levels.

Bleeding may be as a result of certain medications, or blood chemistry problems. We may need to investigate further or use materials or sutures to stop the bleeding.

Sometimes teeth were removed due to cracks, or trauma. Cracks may be in other teeth or the person grind their teeth excessively or trauma may have weakened other teeth, or the bone.

Difficult extractions?

Again forewarned is forearmed. Long or hooked roots, dense bone, cracked roots, large decay, or access difficulties.

Did you get a dry socket?

We don’t always know why dry sockets occur, but a past occurence means you are more likely to get it again. Smoking greatly increases the chances so not smoking a few days before the procedure may reduce the risk, and NOT smoking for 24 hours afterwards is strongly advised. If it happens, it is painful in the tooth socket and it usually occurs within 48 hours. A dressing is placed to treat the area and the pain.

Exposed bone at the base of a dry socket

Past trauma?

A knock to teeth may have a delay in problems such as nerves dying, roots rejected by the body, or cracks in the tooth or bone.

Do you have a history of ulcers or other lesions?

This can indicate cold sores or other irritations that need to observed for pathological changes or treated.

Ulcer in cheek with red inflammed surrounding area

Jaw joint problems, grinding or clenching of teeth?

These can be an ongoing problem or intermittent. Treatment may be needed or observation at this time.

Trismus with pain on trying to open

Past dental treatment with complications and past orthodontic treatment?

There may be a pattern to the complications. Orthodontic work may have change the position of the teeth or the shape of the jaw.

Do you snore or have sleep apnoea?

You may need medical advice and special dental appliances may be needed. It’s becoming a major problem.

3D Sleep Advance appliance

As you can see this can be a short conversation or a long one. In the end it’s always an extremely helpful one for everyone!

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