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The Conversation – Part 4 – Social History

December 20, 2021

This conversation has a health component to better understand your life style. Many dental and oral issues are preventable with some changes in habits. 

Obviously diet is all important with dental health, such as sugar intake and soft drinks. The more frequent the intake, the worse the outcomes. It’s a hard habit to kick! 

Caffeine is also a problem. It dries the mouth and the protection of saliva is reduced. 

Caffeine in cola and coffee - as well as sugar - not good

When was the last time you saw a dentist?

This tells me how frequent you are reviewed and when you last had x-rays. People often say that I have had no pain. Pain is too late! Most dental issue do not have pain to begin with. When you have pain it’s after a period of time the body has been trying to deal with the problem. Decay can be almost to the nerve before you notice anything. Often only x-rays pick this up.

The bleeds may bleed from time to time, but you have lost may have lost almost all the bone around your teeth.

Xray - XS bone loss on lower front teeth with calculus on root

Do you smoke?

Smoking is not great habit to have. It increases implant failures. When a tooth is removed it can prevent healing, called a dry socket. Smoking dries the mouth out and increase the severity of gum disease. Also there is the risk of oral cancer.


Past events may have a bearing on present and future outcomes as well.

Past trauma such as whiplash from a car accident, or extensive office work at a computer can have a bearing on the jaw joint issues such as clenching and grinding. Stress is another factor in jaw joint problems too.

Some changes to lifestyle can made a world of difference and we can help.

Sleep better knowing your mouth and jaw are better

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