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Referred Pain – It’s a Pain! – Causes – Part 4

May 9, 2022

There are oral situations that refer pain to other others by actually a problem leading to pain.

Painful Sore Throat 

This can be a result of an impacted lower wisdom tooth. The gum overlying the tooth (operculum) traps bacteria and with enough growth it starts to slip over down the throat. The epicentre is the impacted wisdom tooth but there is now collateral damage and pain.

The impacted upper wisdom can tilt into the muscle of the cheek and cause muscle pain/spasm leading to trismus

Operculum covering impacted wisdom tooth can cause sore throat

No pain

This is a strange heading in a referred pain blog but some oral conditions give you no referred pain or no pain at all. Actually, getting pain would be really great.

Examples include:

However, cancer and many other conditions usually do not cause pain.

When it’s obvious its cancer, it’s often too late.

Under the tongue (top views) & side of tongue (lower views) white streaks – Referred to oral surgeon

That’s why regular examinations are very important for screening and early detection.

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