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  • High spot on second molar with a tooth coloured filling found by ink bit of paper - needs to be adjusted

    What causes pain after a filling? – Dr Joy Liu

    It is very common to experience pain after a filling. While some will go away in a few days, others may take much longer time to settle. In some instances, ongoing post-o ...
  • High spot on amalgam filling marked blue

    What causes a tooth to be too high? – Dr Joy Liu

    I often hear patients say, “my tooth seems to be longer?”. What can cause a tooth to be too high? In this blog article, we will answer this question in more d ...
  • Dr Joy Jun Liu

    Dr Joy Jun Liu

    Seymour Dental would like to welcome Dr Joy Liu to the team. Dr Joy Liu has a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Sydney. Previously she lived in the ...
  • Dr Esther

    Welcome Dr Esther to the Seymour Dental Team

    Hi everyone! I recently joined Seymour Dental as a weekday dentist. Let me just begin by saying a big thank you to the team at Seymour Dental who have been so very welcom ...
  • Dr Mary Hatem

    More on Dr Mary Hatem

    Dr Mary Hatem has a Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Pharmacy, also from the University of Sydney. Mary previously worked in ...
  • Waterfall - Hana Highway - Maui

    Joy at Large in Hawaii

    Aloha! Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Australia and the U.S. mainland. It takes 9 hours to fly from Sydney to Honolulu. During my September/Oct ...