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  • High spot on second molar with a tooth coloured filling found by ink bit of paper - needs to be adjusted

    What causes pain after a filling? – Dr Joy Liu

    It is very common to experience pain after a filling. While some will go away in a few days, others may take much longer time to settle. In some instances, ongoing post-o ...
  • High spot on amalgam filling marked blue

    What causes a tooth to be too high? – Dr Joy Liu

    I often hear patients say, “my tooth seems to be longer?”. What can cause a tooth to be too high? In this blog article, we will answer this question in more d ...
  • Dr Joy Jun Liu

    Dr Joy Jun Liu

    Seymour Dental would like to welcome Dr Joy Liu to the team. Dr Joy Liu has a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Sydney. Previously she lived in the ...
  • Joy - Our new casual dental student and nurse - not in uniform but on holidays after exams

    Introducing Joy – Our new dental student and the week before a practical exam (not joy)

    Hello friends and colleagues at Seymour Dental! My name is Joy (Jun), a second year dental student at Sydney Uni. I recently joined Seymour Dental as a Saturday dental as ...
  • Sherwin and Pokemon

    Happy New Year to you all!

    Goodbye 2018 and bring on 2019! This has been an eventful year for the Seymour Dental team. Dr Joy Liu joined the Seymour Dental dentists, as did Dr Kim Nguyen and Dr ...
  • Simple Passover Easter Communion

    Celebrating Easter

    The Passover meal was the final meal of Jesus, with all his disciples, before the day of him being put on the Cross. It was celebrated in a small upstairs room. The bread ...