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Your questions answered

We often get asked similar questions; that’s why we’ve compiled a selection of frequently asked questions below. If you’d like to speak to us directly, call on (02) 9564 2397.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your full medical history including allergies, medications and previous treatments. Ideally we’d like this in writing from your doctor.

How can I pay?

We have a range of payment options available. Check out our payment options for more information.

Where are you?

You’ll find us in Dulwich Hill in Sydney’s Inner West. Check out directions by bus, train and car! Visit our Location page to learn more.

How do I cancel an appointment?

We need 24-hours notice for appointment changes and cancellations. You can contact us online, or call us in Dulwich Hill, Sydney on (02) 9564 2397.

How often should I see a dentist?

We recommend having a regular dental check up every six months from the age of two and half years. This ensures your mouth is checked for decay, gum disease, bite issues and other problems. Regular professional cleaning will also help to reduce the incidence of decay and gum disease. At Seymour Dental we believe that prevention and early treatment are the keys to preserving your teeth for a lifetime.

Does Medicare cover dental treatment?

Medicare doesn’t cover dentistry in private practice.

What is the Child Dental Benefits Scheme?

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) commenced on 1 January 2014 and provides access to benefits for basic dental services to children aged 2-17 years. The total benefit entitlement is capped at $1,000 per child over a two calendar year period. The CDBS has a means test, which requires receipt of Family Tax Benefit Part A (FTB-A) or a relevant Australian Government payment. The CDBS provides individual benefits for a range of services including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions. Benefits are not available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work and cannot be paid for any services provided in a hospital. Learn more about the Child Dental Benefits Scheme

How do I get whiter teeth?

Seymour Dental can provide you with a simple tooth bleaching take-home kit that includes customised dental trays. Another option is stronger bleach with an activating light that lightens your tooth enamel to give you a brighter smile. For more severe cases, porcelain or composite resin veneers can be used, and for very discoloured teeth sometimes porcelain crowns need to be used. Learn more about teeth whitening