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At Seymour Dental, our expert dental surgeons and nurses offer the full range of dental treatments. Click on a link below, or if you have a specific enquiry, then contact our friendly team on (02) 9564 2397.

  • Dentistry

    We can take care of your entire family’s dental needs. Relax and rest easy knowing that your dentist understands you and understands your teeth!

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  • Children's dentistry

    Our friendly dentists make children’s visits fun and educational. Learn how to care for your child’s teeth.

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  • Minor orthodontics

    Let our expert dentists check your bite and help you with minor orthodontic treatments.

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  • Dental implants

    Dental implants can help deal with teeth that are structurally flawed with cracks or that have insufficient tooth structure for further treatment.

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  • Oral & Gum surgery

    Let us help you with wisdom teeth removal, gum surgery, difficult extractions and infections. We offer intravenous sedation by a qualified medical anaesthetist for amnesia of the procedure.

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  • Teeth whitening

    Our Polaoffice+ Quicksmile tooth whitening can help you achieve a lighter, brighter smile.

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  • Cosmetic dentistry

    Let the expert dentists at Seymour Dental help you achieve the smile you need.

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  • Crowns and bridges

    Our many years of experience helps us design crowns and bridges that redesign and protect teeth, as well as rehabilitating and correcting bites.

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  • Mouth guards & Dentures

    Protect your teeth during high-risk sports with a specially designed mouth or discuss the options that dentures can achieve in replacing lost teeth and gums.

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  • Root canal treatment

    Help relieve pain, preserve your tooth’s root structure and allow your teeth to be saved with our root canal treatments.

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  • Jaw joint dysfunction

    Our expert team can help identify jaw joint issues and recommend the best possible treatment plan.

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  • Emergency care

    We like our patients to be able to message us 24/7, and we strive to treat emergency issues as quickly as possible.

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