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Prevention of Jaw Joint problems

September 24, 2018

Prevention of jaw joint issues is often linked to neck problems and mind issues. A healthy neck and a reduced stress mind will often lead to a happy jaw joint. Let’s not forget local jaw conditions that affect the jaw joints directly, unfortunately some are self-inflicted e.g. diet.

Sleeping on the back is best for a happy jaw joint and neck

Knowing the trigger of any jaw pain is important to prevent the pain from returning. Remember if you had previous jaw joint problems or neck issues then you are more likely to get it again.

Some basic preventive measures may be useful, and these include:

  • Avoiding crunchy foods, gum, chewing fingernails (really bad habit!), or other hard objects (including ice) that cause the jaw to load unevenly.
  • Eating soft or liquid foods, such as soup or pasta.
  • Taking smaller bites of food.
  • Avoiding caffeine – as it dries the saliva and then makes the enamel softer and increases the tendency to grind the teeth!
  • Trying massage, meditation, and aerobic exercise – this good for the neck and the mind.
  • Taking calcium and magnesium supplements, if appropriate, for general bone health.
  • Avoiding yawning i.e. to stop opening the jaw to its fullest extent. Sometimes the jaw can even lock!
  • Sleeping on the back or side, avoiding stomach sleeping – this is also good for the neck.
  • Avoiding grinding teeth – not good as it also disturbs sleep and stresses many muscle and the jaw joint.
  • Avoiding carrying bags on the shoulders for too long, switching shoulders frequently.
  • Using correct posture – very important to preventing headaches as well.
  • Seeking regular dental care – as untreated infections and cavities are major triggers to jaw joint problems. They MUST be treated first before attempting to treat the jaw joint.

People should also check their general medical health e.g. low iron levels have a bearing on healing, or medication side effects such as a dry mouth. A thorough medical history is important to the dentist to determine if a medical problem needs to be considered to prevent jaw joint problems.

Understanding medication side effects

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