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The Angled Interdental Brush

October 15, 2018

For those who find floss difficult to use, interdental brush can be a great alternative! It has a 360 degrees bristle head, that is used to clean in between the teeth areas, where your tooth brush cannot reach and prone to get build ups.

The newly introduced angled interdental brush has an oblique head and longer handle, designed for easier use. We recommend you to use them as often as possible, but at least once a day, before you brush your teeth at night.

Piksters Kinked Interdental Brush

Another great advantage of these angled or kinked interdental brushes is it’s easier to see what you are doing with the help of a mirror. This is often helpful when you need to clean between the roots of teeth, especially upper molars.

To use interdental brush, you need one that fits closely to the space between your teeth, and our friendly dental team at Seymour Dental can help you with that! They come in various brush head sizes. Once you are measured up for a good interdental brush to use, insert it in between your teeth, and clean in and out, in a wiping action, for at least three times, then move onto the next space.

Packet of Piksters Kinked Interdental Brush

After each use, the bristles can be cleaned just like a tooth brush, and it can be re-used again, until the bristles are worn. The longevity of an interdental brush is typically two-to-three weeks.

Dr Joy Liu

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