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Why Reminder Letters?

October 29, 2018

Yes we still send out snail mail letters. Why? In this digital world, we are now overwhelmed with so many notifications, emails, SMS’s that come our way so easily. So easily, that we don’t know if they are even real, or worse, invasive or destructive!

We get so little snail mail, that a Seymour Dental reminder letter might be a welcome change. It is real and is personally made by my wonderful staff who fold each individual letter into each individual envelope. The letters are hand delivered to the post office across the road. The letters are then hand delivered to your own letter box rain hail or shine!

These letters are free of malware, trojans, viruses, ransomware, identity theft programmes, advertisements and even white powder.

More importantly, the letter is good for you. The letter is a reminder of regular care of something that is very important, yourself and your family.

Reminder letter coming to your home
Our mission is to provide you with dedicated personal care to assist you in achieving excellent health outcomes for life!

That means we need to work together especially as we are living longer. Decisions made earlier in life, have lifelong consequences. Prevention is better than cure. This is so true, as I see it every day! It’s dentally, medically and even financially true. 

All it takes is usually one hour a year made up of two check-up appointments with cleaning and fluoride treatments. For some people cleans may be required every 3 months due to gum issues. The aim is to keep the bacteria count down which reduces the occurrence of decay and often irreversible gum problems. Think of check-ups as a review of the mouth and a time of being dentally coached.

Even Dr Seymour is dentally coached by Dr Joy

A regular professional clean ensures that any areas missed by your own cleaning are picked up by the dentist. Cleaning techniques may need to be corrected. It’s a time to discuss new treatments or other options that can be used to improve your mouth. This can include bleachingveneerscrowns and implants.

All this is to try and prevent crisis treatment and suffering. Decisions can be made over time, rather than in a stressful situation.

This makes for not only a happy patient but also very happy dentists and staff!

Happy mouth, happy life!

Enjoy our letter to you.

Dr Anthony Seymour and staff.

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