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How Often Do We Need a Reminder or Review – Adults

November 5, 2018

The aim of a reminder letter is to regularly have another set of eyes to check that everything is OK and to carry out regular maintenance to ensure every will again be OK to the next checkup.

The usual frequency is six months for adults and children.


To check for:

Family dentistry


Sue is happy that your gums are happy


This depends on the risk assessment of the person’s mouth.

  • Yearly general xrays – frequent occurrence of decay or gum problems
  • Every two years – a person with numerous fillings or crowns and bridges
  • Three to four years – low decay risk and hardly any dental treatment

Most of the time, everything is all OK and we also see what’s happening in your world and catch up with you, which is always fun to do. It’s the highlight of the day!

However sometimes more frequent reviews/investigations or reminders are needed for adults. This may have come about at the check-up appointment or from past history or treatment.


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