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Happy New Year – Highlights of 2018 – Part 2

January 14, 2019

We continue our journey through 2018 with month of Easter and the Anzacs…


We begin with celebrating Easter and remembering the first communion meal was Jesus’s final meal before going onto the cross. Then we continued with part 3 of the series on Clinical Periodontal analysis and then the next two weeks on discussing mouth breathing and its causes.

The final week was about the passing away of my mother and the Anzacs. My wonderful mother passed peacefully away, finally to rest and be with the Lord, two days after Anzac Day. During her last moments we happened to play one of her favourites, Elvis.

Mum and Elvis


This month started with dealing with mouth breathing and then moved onto saliva. Only a dentist would write this stuff! The fascinating story of how tooth mousse was invented to repair enamel was the next topic.

May ended with the major issue of correcting the problems caused by high caffeine soft drinks such as the exposed tooth structure of dentine.



At the halfway mark we continued correcting the effects of high caffeine soft drinks, but this time on the jaw joint and the bite. This month the series on the jaw joint complex of the teeth muscles and joints began.

X-ray of jaw joint closed position, then maximum open position

The next instalment of the series the Jaw Joint Complex – The Teeth, was interrupted by the Dance for Abilities event. (I have a habit of interrupting series just to mix things up).

Dance for Abilities is an organisation in Australia that organises and runs social events for the intellectually disabled community. Their aim is that everyone has a great night out and to bring the community together in some of Sydney’s great locations to dance the night away.

Dance for Abilities Hawaiian night

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