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Australia Day 2019

January 28, 2019

What an enjoyable Australia Day spending time with my family and oh! thousands of others, at the iconic Sydney Opera house, for a smorgasbord of music, entertainment and fireworks.

Hurricane transport delivering fireworks

We were on the forecourt of the Opera House for the Australia Day concert, which was broadcast live on the ABC network. We enjoyed the Harbour and the lovely sea breezes, a relief from the heat. The concert opened with the famous 1960’s band Easy Beats’ song “Good Times”. Rock on OZ!!!!

Australia Day on the Harbour

Throughout the entertainment there were many mini presentations of what it means to be Australian. We have the longest existing culture on the planet through the Aboriginals.  16,000 people become Australian citizens on this Australia Day, (even a dentist!). We come from many different backgrounds and live on an amazing unique continent and its people. We should celebrate and be thankful (especially as the entertainment and fireworks were free!).

Aborginal dancers and Sydney Sympony Orchestra fireworks

The “Straylia lingo” is colourful and entertaining! It’s a language that’s playful and, at times, pokes fun at the serious. Even the word “selfie” originated in Oz.

OMG the many ways Australia Day fireworks are done! It was the longest pyrotechnics display I’ve ever been to (on and off for about 60min)! Only in Australia, would we use a Hurricane Airforce plane, the stage, a lit up water propelled guy, the usual light up the sky, and of course, fireworks off the “sail” behind us!

Fireworks off Water Jet man

It’s been an honour to meet so many people from all walks of life and from many different backgrounds, through my patients, and staff these last 30 years.

Remember “we’re all in this together”!

Australia Day 2019 Fireworks

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