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Dentist at Large – Joy in Mogo & Batsman’s Bay

March 25, 2019

There are lots of amazing places in NSW, and you can easily end up in paradise for a weekend gateway. Joy traveled four hours south to Mogo & Batsman’s Bay. Here are some highlights of the trip.

The following are pictures from visiting the old gold mining town called Mogo:

A wanted fake dentist!

A wanted fake dentist!
We are certainly licensed at Seymour Dental!
An old dentist chair in the gold mining town
The old machine used to pound raw rocks into small pieces for further processing of gold

We took a four-hour lunch cruise from Bateman’s Bay; here are the photos from the cruise:

The middle section of the bridge is lifted to allow ships to pass through

Halfway through the cruise, we stopped at a historical town called Nelligen.

This "bushranger's tree" in Nelligen chained high profile criminals in 1867
Sunset view of Bateman’s Bay at the end of a wonderful day

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