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ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget

April 29, 2019

These three words LEST WE FORGET should be imprinted in everyone’s mind around the world. This especially applies to world leaders whose very words can incite injury, death, and dangerous attitudes between fellow humans.

Recently the Turkish President said in response to the violence and bloodshed in New Zealand, that Australians will go home in a coffin just like their grandfathers. This of course refers to the Anzacs that died on Turkish soil, incidentally many of whom did not come.

This man’s words can cause such destruction as people may react in a violent response. This can be the seeds that can lead to wars. People’s attitudes can change causing divisions that can lead to chasms between groups and cultures.

Lest We Forget - Anzac Day

We must not forget the generations past who fought and died for freedoms of speech, association, religion, choice, and thought.

In the Turkish culture, the military celebrated victories not defeats. They did not understand the commemorations on Anzac Day. The Anzacs lost. However, we won as a nation. We began to think differently as a group of people of many backgrounds; all wanting the freedoms that Australia and New Zealand offered.

Pozieres - the cost of war for the Anzacs

As a young nation with a very old native culture, and separated by distance, we have a unique opportunity to chart our own destiny, free of the past. Let’s make it a great place to live, now and into the future.

On a personal note, it’s been a year since my dear mother passed away. She came from the ruins of a Second World War to a new start in life. She worked hard for her family in this new country. Her generation are very grateful for the opportunities this country has to offer, which they will never forget!

Mum in the 70s

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