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Blog Series – Antibiotics

May 13, 2019

Antibiotics have changed the course of history. The ability to control infection has saved millions of lives. Death due to dental and oral infections was number three on the “hit parade”.

The reason why the upper canine tooth was called the “eye tooth” was that an abscess on its long root would eventually go up towards the eye. Death would occur as the infection made its way to the brain.

Those days are now gone due antibiotics….. Or are they? Bacteria are now becoming resistant to these life changing drugs, and that world of possible death to an infected wound, which includes decay in a tooth, may return.

Sadly, for some people, this has already happened! Please read these important blogs… it may save your life. Sorry for the dramatics but it needs to be said!

Antibiotic capsules
Take your antibiotics on time and finish the box
Pus draining through a root canal
Fungal infection on the tongue due to antibiotic therapy

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