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Welcome Dr Esther to the Seymour Dental Team

May 27, 2019

Hi everyone! I recently joined Seymour Dental as a weekday dentist. Let me just begin by saying a big thank you to the team at Seymour Dental who have been so very welcoming, warm and kind. I’m looking forward to meeting all of the patients too, many of whom have been attending here for many years and have become like family.

My family moved to Melbourne from Egypt less than a year before I was born. So my early life was full of large, loud family gatherings, and plenty of great traditional food. It wasn’t all rosy though. My earliest memory of school is trying so hard to chat to the other children… but unfortunately I was doing the chatting in Arabic, and no one could understand a word! Thankfully my English improved, and so did my love of school.

Towards the end of my schooling I completed two weeks of work experience at a dental practice and I was absolutely fascinated by the mysterious blue lights and beeps and all the delicate little instruments. I loved watching the dentists work, and I loved that the job also involved a good chat, and getting to know people.

What I love about dentistry is that it involves such a unique mix of science, art, and people! It’s always great having kids come in and letting them have a feel of the air and water and a play with the mirror to make them feel relaxed and have a bit of fun. As a child I found the dentist quite intimidating and I want it to be a place that kids will enjoy coming to. It’s so rewarding to help people walk out of here feeling better, and more importantly feeling better equipped for a lifetime of good oral health.

Outside of dentistry I spend much time with family, and being outdoors is always a pleasure: whether it be a run, a walk, a hike or just a sun-bake in the beautiful Sydney weather. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of the coastal walks, but the Bay Run at Iron Cove is a favourite. Going for a run with a great view is invigorating, and trying to beat my latest time is pretty exciting, even though I rarely succeed at doing so!

I’m very much looking forward to meeting all of the patients, whether new or old. See you soon!

– Dr Esther

Dr Esther

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