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Blog Series – Teeth Anatomy

July 29, 2019

Teeth are wonderful entities in our bodies, and I’m not saying it because I am a dentist. They are the hardest substance in the body yet they able to bend. We eat with them. We stress with them. We bite with them. We knock them. We smile with them. We laugh with them. Hopefully, we clean them. Please take care of them.

They will outlast the body by thousands of years.

Remember what God gives us is free, what man does to them, you have to pay. (That includes self-abuse and not just dentists!)

Not just financially but more importantly biologically.

Our mission

At Seymour Dental, we are dedicated to providing personal care to assist you in achieving excellent health outcomes for life!

Enjoy the blogs.

OPG xray showing adult teeth forming under baby (deciduous) teeth
Root canal chamber showing black areas as root canal openings
Fissure seal treatment - Before and After

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