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Blog Series – Teeth and Jaw Development

August 5, 2019

The development of humans is amazing and goes to the heart of genetics. You can see the trends in the parents and the children right before your very eyes. What is even more amazing is that we can alter the trends through treatment such as in orthodontics. However before we can do anything we need to observe and assess the development of the child over time. From time to time we think the child may develop a certain way, and then we are surprised that it does not happen. We don’t know everything!

Enjoy the blog series on how we develop in different aspects of the mouth – the teeth, jaw bones and their effects on the face, sinuses and nose.

Top right: Crossbite; Top left: Normal bite; Bottom right: lower teeth crowding; Bottom left: narrow & high palate
Square shaped lower jaw with crowding at the canines
Class III malocclusion - lower jaw more forward than upper jaw

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