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Removal of white patches on teeth

August 19, 2019

116 Enamel micro-abrasion – per tooth

The chemo-physical removal of discoloured and/or other surface enamel defects resulting from developmental defects, altered mineralisation or decalcification of the superficial enamel layer.

Enamel micro-abrasion is a procedure that is used to remove superficial stains and abnormalities in texture from the outer surface of the teeth (the enamel layer). The depth of tooth structure that is removed usually does not extend beyond about 0.4mm. Enamel micro abrasion may be combined with tooth bleaching for a better outcome.

Upper Central Incisors Demineralisation

Enamel micro-abrasion can be done using chemical or mechanical means, or a combination of both. Mechanical micro abrasion involves using a bur to trim the enamel slightly or using abrasive agents in a slurry to accomplish the same thing. Chemical micro abrasion involves using low grade acids to dissolve the very superficial portion of the enamel. It does not perceptively alter the contour, or shape, of the tooth surface.

Upper Central Incisors post-op Treatment with Prema

Prema is an enamel micro abrasion system that utilizes a chemical-mechanical polishing substance that combines a mild hydrochloric acid solution with silicon carbide in a slurry. The material is delivered via a syringe and then polishing cups are used at a low speed to work the material onto the tooth.

Prema Components

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