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Have a lot of work to be done? HOW WE CAN HELP! Part 2 – CONSERVATION PHASE

October 28, 2019

This involves carrying out longer-term treatment that aims to conserve as many teeth as possible. This may include fillingsroot canal treatmentsdeep cleaning under the gums and orthodontic work.

Crack found under filling then filling protecting tooth
Pus draining through a root canal

This phase of treatment also can be done in stages with urgent work to be carried out first. Please remmeber temporary fillings do not last forever! Sometimes a root canal treatment can be started for relief of pain or to prevent pain. A dressing can be placed in the root canals and a long term temporary placed. Other fillings can be done to prevent further root canal treatments, if possible.

Dental chart with treatment plan on the right side

Remember, every deep filling, potentially may need root canal therapy as the damge may already have happened. Unfortunately only time will tell.

With gum problems, we often do not know if a loose teeth may need removal until the teeth have been scaled and cleaned. Many times the teeth mobility lessens. Again, only time will tell.

Left: Plaque and calculus build up; Right: After scale and clean, much better.

All we are doing is removing areas where bacteria hide and make the mouth as self cleaning as possible.

We are constantly reassessing the healing and outcomes.


  • Remove decay and fill the “holes”;
  • Clean the build up on the teeth, above and below the gums;
  • Clear out infection in the root canals and in the bone;
  • Check the bite and improve it;
  • Treat lesions in the mouth; and
  • Improve the person’s self care and habits.

Less harmful bacteria, better healing, less to eventually no pain, leading to a happier patient and even happier dentist!

– Dr Esther

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