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Have a lot of work to be done? HOW WE CAN HELP! Part 3 – RECONSTRUCTION PHASE

November 4, 2019

This stage aims to give you good function, stability and aesthetics (good looks!). Examples of work done in this phase is crownsveneers, inlays and onlays, implants and dentures.

Left: X-ray of upper right Incisor Implant with crown attached; Right: Photo of upper right incisor implant with crown attached.

This is the phase where we are on building on a healthy foundation by a motivated person.This is Seymour Dental’s motto:

We are dedicated to providing personal care to assist you in achieving excellent health outcomes for life!

This phase improve our quailty of life. Replacing lost teeth, and improving the strength and shape of teeth will enable better function in chewing, swallowing, talking. It will also be easier to clean and be even be more self cleaning.

Our improved oral health, after this phase, will give you the confidence to smile and be more motivated to take care of your self. You don’t want to go back to the past!

This phase can also be done over time. We work with you to determine which areas are needed first. This could be a crown a tooth before it cracks. Replacing a lost tooth because the space makes it difficult to chew. Even changing the colour and shape of a tooth to improves a persons appearance and confidence.

Teeth colour change after bleaching
Worn teeth causing overclosure of bite
Front view of build up & fillings - getting back to a normal bite & look

Even having to use orthodontics to improve the position of teeth may be necessary.

It’s complicated but not daunting. We work with you to achieve life long improvments.

– Dr Esther

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