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Caffeine Drinking Blog Series

November 25, 2019

For those who love caffeine, its starts our day, keeps us going throughout the day, gives us a kick when we are partying, and for many, keeps us up at night! 

Caffeine can cause the mouth to become relatively dry, making saliva less protective of teeth. The coating of the teeth, the enamel, becomes soft and is easily worn. It also makes it more easily attacked by chemical reactions caused by bacteria eating sugars. There are now wonderful package deals available to really wreck your teeth. These include high caffeine soft drinks that are also acidic and contain loads of sugar.

Please read the blogs below if you want to hang on to your teeth and be healthy! Its worldwide issue because its everywhere, like cafes. 

Caffeine - in cola and coffee - as well as sugar - not good
Tooth Mousse - to repair soft enamel caused by excess caffeine

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