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Blog Series – Treatment of Sensitivity

December 9, 2019

Sensitivity treatment needs to recognise the cause of the problem. This will enable the treatment to be more effective, lost lasting and ultimately cure the annoying sensation. This can be as simple as correcting tooth cleaning habits that permanently destroy tooth structure. Yes, the tooth brush can be mightier than the sword… sorry, bad analogy! Sensitive teeth tooth paste will only work if the cause is corrected; otherwise, it’s like placing a band aid on and then pulling it off straight away. The tooth paste is really meant for short term treatment and not continual use as you may be masking a deeper problem.

Enjoy the blogs below as well as living a sensitive free life.

Please seek dental advice as sensitivity is complex.
Toothbrush - angled into gums then wipe up the tooth
Overbrushing causing exposed root - worn down the filled and masked
Filling of exposed worn cusp dentine - before and after
Jaw joint dysfunction - Occlusal splint appliance

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