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“Hey Doc, I get this swelling in my palate after I eat and it’s annoying me; what is it?”

March 16, 2020

Sometimes complain of an annoying irritation or funny feeling on the back of their palate. But it gets REALLY annoying when they start eating. 

Why is this so?

We have three large salivary glands called submandibular, sublingual and parotid. However, there are minor salivary glands in the palate. Tiny, maybe a 1mm or so, and the opening of the gland or duct, looks like a full-stop. Occasionally the duct gets blocked, usually with calcium. Salivary glands start pumping saliva when food is being anticipated by the brain.

You see, saliva aids in digestion, so all the glands get pumping! Unfortunately, the gland in the photo below, the duct is blocked and gland has puffed up. It has become annoying and even painful. Swallowing is not pleasant anymore.

The gland is normally flat and the duct looks like a black dot, like a mini tube opening. A red dot means hurt or inflamed. Not good!

Swollen Minor Salivary Gland - just left of centre of photo-red dot in middle of a small hill

What now? Well the easiest solution is to freeze off the minor salivary gland. This removes the blocked duct and allows the swelling to reduce. The whole area can then heal without this minor gland.

We use a freezing agent, carbon dioxide at minus 50 degrees C. Usually without anaesthetics!

Freeze Treated Swollen Minor Salivary Gland - just left of centre of photo-red area-swelling gone!

Now eating and swallowing can be done without thinking, and be enjoyable!

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