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Easter 2020 the world will never forget (The first Easter and a Covid 19 Easter)

April 13, 2020

The first Easter happened over 2,000 years ago and we are still celebrating Jesus Christ who walked this Earth, taught about God, performed miracles and died on the cross an innocent man under the rule of the Romans, but condemned by his own people. God raised him from the dead to save all people of this planet. It changed the world forever. If this did not happen then Christians are the laughing stock of humanity. Easter is a part of history. It is documented and referenced by many people who are not Christians and taught throughout the ages.

Fast forward to 2020. A virus has made history again. How it started will be a blame game, but for now, we have learnt from the past, that we need to stop the transmission by whatever means; and it’s not always pretty. We cannot meet, congregate nor celebrate Easter as we have in the past. Remember the early Christians could not meet together and hid in the catacombs in Rome. They were fed to the lions.

Now we do not meet, congregate nor celebrate together, in order to save each other. However, through technology we can meet, congregate and celebrate Easter. Here is an example:

Sermons online due to Covid-19

Church buildings may be empty, but the Church is the people of God. They are not constrained by buildings; they never have been. Just as death did not constrain Jesus, His rising from death meant He came to save us all.

That is Easter, past, present, and future.

Take care of one another and of yourselves so you in turn will take of those around that you may not ever know… the rest of the human race.

Simple Passover Easter Communion hopefully next year

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