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Shaping Up Teeth

July 27, 2020

The appearance of teeth can often be improved in appearance and function by often small changes to the anatomy of the teeth. This can be achieved by additions to the tooth and removal some tooth structure. Some of these changes can have an effect on the structures surrounding the teeth, both in function or in aesthetics. 

A patient’s case below covers all the above aspects in what can be achieved with some thought. 

The patient had oversized central incisors (middle front teeth) crowns which also caused excessive pressure on the lower teeth. 

The gums (around the crowns) were inflamed from edges of the crown that were not smooth fitting on the tooth, thereby allowing germs to hide.

The shapes of the crowns on the biting edge were too flat and tilted forward. The right crown overlapped the adjacent tooth (lateral incisor). 

The shaping up the four front teeth involved:

  1. Changing the old crowns with rounded edges and better colour.
  2. Tilting back the front shape of the two front teeth to be more level the arch of the surrounding teeth,
  3. Make the biting edge level more realistic with the surrounding teeth.
  4. Smoothing the adjacent teeth to have smoother corners to match the new crowns and more rounded to match the arch of the adjacent teeth.
  5. The new crowns are closer together reducing the space between the front teeth and the overlap with the adjacent right front tooth.
  6. The upper lip now is less pronounced as the teeth are not leaning forward as much.
Left-Large front central crowned teeth-Before; Right-Crowns replaced and adjacent natural teeth reshaped-After
  1. Make sure the new crowns edges are smooth (flushed) with the surface of the tooth so that no germs can hide and make it easier to clean. This allowed the gums to become healthy and not be swollen and inflamed.
  2. Change the shape at the back of the new crowns to reduce the pressure of the bite from the lower teeth. This also reduced the wear and pressure on the lower teeth.
  3. The smoother shape of the crowns was more comfortable to the tongue and talking was improved.
Right-Old crowns-inflamed gums especially on the right; Centre-Blue ink highlights heavy bite on both old crowns; Left-Gums healed on the right crown at the temporary crown stage waiting for the new crown

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