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After Treatment Complications – Blog Series – Part 3 – Risk and Warnings

November 30, 2020

Risk and warnings are potential complications to be considered before starting treatment. Basically forewarned is forearmed. Precautions can be taken and an option is not to go ahead with treatment. 

This blog series we will explore surgery on removing wisdom teeth, root canal treatment, gum infections and the use of antibiotics.

These blogs are to remind people what to watch out for after treatment has been done. 

Please follow post-operative instructions and let the dentist know if there any problems. 

Do not suffer in silence, as dentists are not mind readers!

OPG x-ray - impacted wisdom teeth (third molars)
X-ray of the files in the root canals
Receding gums showing exposed roots and larger spaces between teeth. Also swelling in gum above front tooth.
Take your antibiotics on time and finish the box
Pus draining through a root canal

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