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Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 1 – Birth to 1 year

December 7, 2020

Dentists don’t really to see babies at birth but the baby teeth starting forming in the jaw bone whilst in the womb in the last 3 months of pregnancy.

What that means any issues arising during the last trimester of pregnancy can affect the teeth. The usually factor is fever. Teeth formation can be affected by increased body temperature. This can lead to parts of the teeth not forming properly. This is called hypoplasia and hypocalcification

Hypoplasia is the loss of tooth shape. 

Hypocalcification is the formation of poor quality enamel leading to chalky white patches on the teeth.

Sometimes genetics plays a role where teeth do not form at. Hypodontia is fewer teeth than normal due to failure development. Anodontia refers to a congenital (genetic caused) absence of all teeth and oligodontia to the absence of most of the teeth.

The dentists can’t help yet as it often not known until the teeth come through. However a known family history of missing teeth would helpful to the dentist.

There are other oral conditions that can occur that would need early specialist care such as a cleft lip and a cleft palate. These are genetic conditions where the lip or palate doesn’t completely join together.

Proper suckling is important in the development of swallowing and jaw bone development. This may need specialist assessment too.

Baby at their best

The dental visit is helpful for the parent and the child. They get used to being in a dental surgery and used to a health professional team fussy over them! We can help with teething issues. At six months the first teeth come through, usually on the bottom jaw. The dentist can check if the teeth are coming though in order. If there is a delay then rarely an extra tooth may be in the way or it may not be there at all. However, sometimes your child may be just late in getting their teeth and everything is otherwise normal. The variation can be six months. If necessary an xray may need to be taken.

Primary teeth eruption chart

More importantly it’s the start of a prevention regime.

This is when the environment of the mouth can be teeth friendly or hostile. If the parents mouth is used to having a lot of sugar or it is not cleaned properly the bacteria in their months is hostile to teeth causing decay or gum problems. Through close contact, baby will gain these bacteria and change their mouth to be more prone decay.

Also putting sugar (which is found in high concentrations in juices) in baby bottles is one way to ruin teeth big time.  Not to mention other health effects such as diabetes.

Bottle fed decay can cause a lunar landscape in teeth- craters everywhere!

Diet is so important, as it is a life changer, especially for a new born.

Sever hypoplasia & decay

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