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Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 2 – 1 to 2 years old

December 14, 2020

This is the fun time for parents all the baby teeth by the age of two are fully thought in the mouth. There are twenty teeth with various types of baby tooth anatomy. The fun part is teething occurs when the teeth “erupt” or break through the gums into the mouth. This can be painful for the child.

Teething remedies

  • Liquid Panadol drops on the affected gums over the tooth breaking into the mouth
  • Panadol liquid medication, taken oral, for pain relief
  • Use a teething ring to bite on. More effective if the ring was placed in the fridge beforehand as it can help numb the pain as well.

This is the time to clean the baby teeth

Clean baby teeth in front of mirror

It’s also very important to watch the diet to prevent decay.  Remember if the sweets are not in the house then the child can’t have any. The parents lead by example!

Who is spoiling your kids rotten

There are habits that need to be corrected such as (please click on the hyperlinks for more information):

Overbite caused by thumb sucking
Dummy pierced by needle to reduce suction

So the dentist is looking into the bite, habits, diet and hygiene and at the teeth and gums. The dentist is teaching the parents and the child to work together. See the dentist six monthly as well.

If the parents are eligible then check out the Child Dental Scheme.

Next in the series: Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 3 – 3 to 6 years old

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