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ANZAC DAY 2021 – Coming out of COVID… hopefully

April 26, 2021

Last year, Anzac Day was in the Covid world. No marches and people coming to the ends of their driveway to honour the Anzacs. 

This year, Australia is in a “golden cage”, where there are no community transmitted cases of Covid. The veterans are able to march, but to a limited number and must register. Vaccinations are starting to be rolled across the nation. We are able to travel to New Zealand in our Trans-Tasman “bubble”, which is fitting for Anzac Day!

After the First World War, more people died of the Spanish flu than the War itself. The lessons that were learnt then are being applied now, e.g. social distancing and quarantining.

There are more lessons yet to be played out in our current Covid 19 pandemic. The Spanish Flu became an aggressive mutation of a mild flu in Europe due to the terrible conditions of the soldiers in the trenches.

Anzacs in the awful trenches

These terrible conditions weakened the immune system which allowed the virus to mutate and become aggressive. This is happening now. The vaccine may not cope with the new aggressive variants that are ravaging the rest of the world, such as the UK, South African, Brazilian and the latest, the Indian variant.

Anzacs in the First World War resting on the side of a pyramid at the start of an adventure

Many Anzacs thought they were going on an adventure. They also fought for their country and made Australia realise we are independent and have a way of life that is worth defending. Many made the ultimate sacrifice. However, the other lesson to learn from then was the Spanish Flu was brought home, with the returning soldiers, to infect Australia.

This is what Australia, now, must NOT let happen, by opening up the international borders too early, otherwise we will not have learnt from history!

Anzacs in Afghanistan in modern times helping the locals at their peril

Anzacs now are helping nations to recover from terrible pasts in many countries. This is happening in Afghanistan where locals can turn on the soldiers that are trying to help them. This can take a terrible mental toll on these men and women. This is the hidden injuries that are now, hopefully being addressed.

Lest We Forget. Then and now.

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