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Children Check-ups Throughout Their Ages – Part 6 – 18 years old – Teeth Grinding – Treatment

May 10, 2021

The poor tooth’s enamel that has been soften by acid from sport drinks soft drinks, caffeine, and sugar. Also the softened enamel encourages grinding of the teeth as the jaw plays with it. If you over brush, then the side of the tooth will also wears way. Remember these have to last a lifetime, so we need to start it now, to stop long term permanent damage.

What do we do?

Change diet and habits

  • Reduce sugar, caffeine, and acid

Clean teeth correctly

  • Don’t over brush

Regular dental examinations and cleans

Use Tooth mousse

  • A dentist invented Tooth Mousse. A type of tooth paste using the milk protein, Casein, as a means of delivering the calcium to the tooth surface, he was able to stop the loss of calcium and restore the harder crystal structure of the enamel. Milk itself DOES NOT help the tooth surface directly.
  • Obviously the person had to stop the high caffeine drinks such as Red Bull and Mother.
Tooth Mousse - to repair soft enamel caused by excessive caffeine


  • These are appliances that protect the opposing teeth from wearing and causing cracks.
Occlusal splint on upper teeth to protect the teeth from wear

However any damage that had already occurred has to be corrected. This may be fillings to correct defects in the enamel where the dentine has been exposed, or protect the teeth that have cracks with crowns.

Filling of exposed worn cusp dentine - before and after
Worn root dentine exposed at neck of tooth filled and masked

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