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QR Code and Lockdown in a Covid Safe World?! – Part One

July 26, 2021

The latest outbreak of the Delta Virus has now lead to 10 million Australians being in lockdown, while some local government areas are needing people to have a Covid test to leave their area. Higher restrictions of movement between people and areas are being enforced in some areas by a greater police presence.

QR code check-ins are now mandatory for dental practices, and all staff and all people entering the premises must register. That means all people accompanying patients, couriers, trades or any visitors; need to check in with their smart phone scan of the QR code to link to Services NSW app. We have the QR codes at the front window, reception desk and also at the rear of the practice for the delivery people. 

QR code to service NSW tracing

Oh, you don’t have a smart phone on you, or you have not set up for tracing to the services NSW app, or not tech savvy… no problem!

We have a web based check in method at the reception and we are happy to key in your details and submit on your behalf to Services NSW. Once submitted we do not retain any record of it on our system.

Reception web-based Check In without a smart phone scan

The lockdown and tracing is to reduce movement of people and to trace infection quickly to prevent the spread of Covid and reduce sickness (and deaths) and strains on the health system.

The practice is now only seeing patients with essential treatments or to prevent potentially serious complications. Who knows how long this situation will last. Please call us for advice is you are uncertain what to do.

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