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Dentist at large – The Jab

August 30, 2021

Usually ‘Dentist at large’ posts are further afield, but the Covid 19 has now shrunk the world even further, with a state wide lockdown. 5km is the new measurement. 

Additional outing points outside this – Covid testing and getting the JAB! 

Yes, getting vaccinated is the war cry for us all. The Delta variants aggressive virulence was an almighty wakeup call as it is now spreading to young adults and children, creating a new wave of serious infections. 

Remember, the world outside Australia has been doing experiments for us on what to do AND what not to do, with the virus. 

Protest marches are not a good thing.

No restrictions of spreading behaviours are not a good thing.

Children and young adults getting Covid, is not a good thing.

Thinking Covid is a “little flu” or does not exist, is not a good thing.

Remember no-one on the planet has a natural immunity. 

Overseas information has shown when you get Covid once it DOES NOT mean you won’t get it again. In fact it’s worse the second time around. 

If you survive, there are long term effects with Covid, and that is not a good thing. 

So off we go on an outing in the shrunken Covid world to get vaccinated. All little sensation and a 15 minute wait and it’s over, then repeat again.

Receiving the Jab with the Dad Uber driver looking on - one down, one to go

The number of places to get the jab has grown.  There is the large centre at Homebush, which is very organised. It was a 10-15min wait to get into the centre, and another 10 min wait for your number to come for you go to your assigned jab table.

After some questions, 15 secs for the actual jab.

Then a 15 min wait to make sure you’re OK.

Go home.

No.2 son at the Homebush vaccine centre waiting area

Other places for vaccination have now been opened up, including medical centres, pharmacies, and other large centres.

They may even need dentists to give the jab.

James and the Dentist at Large after the Jab looking like masked rappers...

Remember the vaccine takes 2 weeks or so to be fully effective after the second jab. We need to obey the health orders. The vaccine reduces the risk greatly but does not eliminate it.

No vaccine means no protection at all.

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