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Covid 19 – Freedoms getting closer? Part 2 – Dentistry lessons

October 18, 2021


Whoo Hoo! Dentistry freedom day in Sydney is October 11th Monday. We are able to see people for check-ups, cleans and beyond! We still need to wear masks in the waiting room, sanitize hands, social distance and screen for Covid.

In other words, vigilant as always, but almost back to normal (whatever that means).

Celebrating dental freedoms in Sydney

A patient’s vaccinated status is not asked as we observe infection control protocols. We assume you have every disease under the sun, and our aim is to protect everyone from each other. Dentistry works in a part of the body that is definitely not sterile, so we have to assume the worst.

Taking a Covid test before coming in is only relevant as to why you have taken it. Were you a close contact or casual contact, or was it a screening test? Otherwise we will treat you the same way.

We do not want to be lulled in a false sense of security. As soon as you have the Covid test, you could still get Covid afterwards. We wouldn’t be the wiser as, in the early stages, the infection as it is symptomless.

Be prepared

We do not know what the future will bring as we open up businesses, the community, state borders, local travel and finally the rest of the world.

We have rapid antigen testing available if needed. We have to do this outside the surgery as a positive result means closing the surgery for deep cleaning. No thanks!

We have face shield masks, N95 masks, and gowns  ready for any future outbreaks of more letters of the Greek alphabet strains of the virus.

Getting serious - Loupes/light, glasses, mask, gloves, gown

The three months back log of reminders letters (yes, old school), are now finding there to way to their owners.

If we open up gradually and smartly, we will be the envy of the world. The aim is to have less very sick people about to reduce the strain on the hospitals. Also this means less chance of aggressive viral mutations.

That’s because of the efforts of everyone- health officials, governments, health care workers, the pathology labs, viral researchers, all the essential workers keeping life going for all of us, and the community.

The virus doesn’t care who you are, but we do!

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