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Halloween 2021

November 15, 2021

In the Covid world, trick or treating is freer than last year. There is light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully now, not the train coming at you! The freedoms have been given to the double vaccinated, but as we fast approach 95% double vaccinated, most restrictions will be lifted for all. 

People are still tentatively returning back to normal, as we start to see people, in real life that we haven’t seen in months.Very weird, like Halloween; seeing ghosts on a screen coming to life!

Welcome to Halloween 2021

That’s the trick of Halloween this year.

The treat is yet to come with further freedoms. It’s OK to have some treats as we all deserve it. Yes, even a dentist deserves a treat (or two).

So things are looking up. Whoo Hoo!

Looking up at Halloween 21

What we need to do is not only getting haircuts, but get back to be healthy, mentally, physically and of course dentally well.

It’s a catch up time with people, business, sport and health including the shared human experiences. We are all in this together like never before.

Halloween Treat - too much sugar - decay and diabetes - yum

Have some fun!

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